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Scope of Work

Some Frequently Ask Question
  • 1. Pre Tender Stage
    a) Complete study on the project requirement.

    b) Preparing DBR

    c) Efficient System Designing

    d) Technical specification of all materials

    e) Cost effective BOQ & Analysis

    f) Tender document which comprises of Tender Drawing, Detailed specification with BOQ
  • 2. Tender Stage
    a) Tender and Design intent presentations

    b) Pre Tender clarifications

    c) Technical evaluation of Tender document

    d) Technical matrix of participating vendors

    e) Evaluation of methods statement

    f) Value engineering ,design proposal and recommendation of facade contractor.
  • 3. Design Stage
    a) Review of Design planning

    b) Review and approval of system design along with structural analysis.

    c) Review and approval of detailed engineering and construction drawings.

    d) Review and approved building elevation, plans and sections with site survey report to match architect’s requirement and approval.
  • 4. Other Capabilities
    a) Material Submissions Stage.

    b) Mock Up Stage amalgamated with expert inspection.

    c) Testing Stage and witnessing the performance of facade.
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